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Q1) Did you draw all these?


Q2) What's the quality of the artworks I'm buying?

My artworks are printed on 150gsm matte paper. By default I sell them in A3, but a few designs have the option for an A4 size as well (Like the Genshin Pokemon artworks).

Q3) What is A3/A4?

A3 is bigger than A4, here is a little comparison below.


Q4) How do you ship your products?

I ship them using a mailing tube, or in an envelope for smaller items.

Q5) What's the shipping cost? How long will it take? 

I'm based in Australia, so I charge $10 AUD ($7.40 USD) for shipping within Australia. International shipping can range from $15-$30 AUD ($11-$22 USD) depending on which country you live in. I ship prints out every Friday, it can take up to 2 weeks for Australia, can take up to a month or two for international.

Q6) Are there special deals or discounts if I buy more?

Yes, any purchase over $50 AUD ($37 USD) automatically gets 10% off. Purchase over $100 AUD ($75 USD) gets free shipping. Sometimes there might even be sales, follow my social media for updates.

Q7) Where does my money go?

Mostly to yours truly, but 30% of my profits go to charity. I've chosen 3 causes I believe in, each receiving 10%. The charities are Edgar's Mission, Healing Foundations, and Twenty10. You can find more information on each of these charities by clicking on them.

Q8) Do you take commissions? What can you draw? And how much?

For commissions info please click here: https://ryspiritart.com/pages/commissions

Q9) How can I contact you?

For job opportunities or further questions, email me at ry-spirit@hotmail.com